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Chicago Digital Power Inc UPO33 series are high capacity highly reliable 3 phases in three phase output online double conversion ups. These units are available and stocked in 15 Kva to 60 KVA all over the world for quick delivery. Higher or special needs can be made to order capacity up to 400 KVA Three phase delta or Y configurations or combination of input delta and out put Y for isolation.
Typical production time and delivery to most countries is with-in 8 weeks. All UPO33 series units share some extraordinary characteristics as part of their design. Isolated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBT) for true isolation from ac input, multi redundant CPU design for unsurpassed reliability, advanced constant pure sine wave control for with maximum of 1-3% THD. The Slick Multi-Protocol CPU communication allow for local or remote monitoring of multiple Operating systems.
Complete with preventative auto analysis firmware and software. Highest redundancy and scalability of up to 8 units that ensures growth and redundancy for all your most of critical of applications.

Quick Specs

Capacity 160kVA 144kW
Dimensions Battery Cabinet (LxAXP) 2049x1220x1070mm
Waveform Sinusoidal wave generated by low investor logic of modulation PWM a
Weight UPS 1,960 Kg Weight / Cabinet of batteries with batterie 1046 Kg
Transfer time 0 ms sin corte
Voltage 120/208 (380, 480 or other voltages for request) line to line +/-20% full load
Current Crest 3:1
Emergency Power EPO local / remote
Front Panel LCD display of 4 rows to 20 columns for reading electrical parameters. Touchscreen (optional ) Mimic LEDs
Communications Serial port RS232 SNMP-RJ45 for remote monitoring (optional). Module GPRS for remote monitoring route cellular network (optional)
Bypass Static of solid state, automatic and manual with uninterrupted operation for maintenance labors. External Bypass (optional)
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Product also available in 220V labeled with (i). Download the catalog and user manual.
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Product Catalogs

Document Type Document Language Date Download
Catalog 202-Catalogo UPO33-160 PF365 SPA.pdf sp 04/04/2018 Descargar
Catalog 202-Catalog UPO33-160i PF365 ENG.pdf en 11/20/2018 Descargar
Catalog 202-Catalog UPO33-160 PF365 ENG.pdf en 03/09/2018 Descargar
Catalog 202-Catalogo UPO33-160i PF365 SPA.pdf sp 10/01/2018 Descargar
Users Manuals

Document Type Document Language Date Download
Manual 202-M Usuario UPO33 160 PF365 SPA.pdf sp 04/23/2018 Descargar
Manual 202-User manual UPO33 160 PF365 Eng.pdf en 06/06/2016 Descargar

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