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UPO 11 Series 1,2,3 KVA
Actual product which is used and recommended by CDPUPS Team.
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Online 19 in rack and tower ups on-line UPS.x The UPO series On-line single phase input a output UPS. An advanced true double conversion On-line Topology, the UPO Isolated gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBT) for true isolation from AC input.

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UPO11-1RT ax 1kva 700 Vatios Online R/T 2 U's Con Salidas Administrables

Frontal View
Back View
Inside View

UPO11-2 RT AX 2KVA 1500 watt Online R/T ups 2Us With outlet managment

Frontal View
Back View
Inside View

UPO11-3 RT AX 3KVA 2400 Watt Online RT ups 2 U's with outlet managment

Frontal View
Inside View
Back View
Inside View

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