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CDPUPS tailors over 300 different products by country and segments of the market to assure the best possible solution to your power protection, generation or back up needs. "                                                                                                           .............................. La serie B-SMART es una línea interactiva de No-Break (UPS). Cuando la condición del fluido electrónico es normal, el UPS le protege contra la sobre tensión mientras utiliza la energía para cargar la batería interna. En situaciones donde el fluido experimenta problemas eléctricos el UPS es capaz de suministrar inmediatamente corriente alterna a los equipos conectados. .......................                                                              ....................Number One UPS Choice!!!!!!!!!!
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UPO 11 Series 1,2,3 KVA
Actual product which is used and recommended by CDPUPS Team.
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Online 19 in rack and tower ups on-line UPS.x The UPO series On-line single phase input a output UPS. An advanced true double conversion On-line Topology, the UPO Isolated gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBT) for true isolation from AC input.

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UPO11-1RT ax 1kva 700 Vatios Online R/T 2 U's Con Salidas Administrables

Frontal View
Back View
Inside View

UPO11-2 RT AX 2KVA 1500 watt Online R/T ups 2Us With outlet managment

Frontal View
Back View
Inside View

UPO11-3 RT AX 3KVA 2400 Watt Online RT ups 2 U's with outlet managment

Frontal View
Inside View
Back View
Inside View

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