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The B-Smart 1508/B-Smart 1508 series unsurpassed reliability for regions or countries with chronic voltage problems. With the built in extra wide AVR which allows your PC to operate in areas of chronic low or high nominal voltages with out using the battery.

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B-Smart 1500 VA

The B-SMART1508LCD is an award winning Smart line interactive ups designed for unmatched performance and reliability for advanced work stations. The B-SMART1508LCD advanced line interactive design corrects brownout and high voltages allowing users to be productive and work though severe conditions with out concern of PC and peripherals overheating.

The powerful multi-stage AC fax and DSL surge protection absorbs over 1120 joules of high voltages and spikes. The exclusive isolated outlet filters prevents cross contamination of AC between peripherals connected to the AC surge only outlets and form the main PCB board of the UPS. In addition it provides selectable protection levels providing more energy surge absorption for your most sophisticated peripherals. The Plug and Play USB or Rs232 interface and software provide auto diagnostic of internal functions of the ups and manages unattended orderly shutdown while it saves open files in a multitude of OS.

  • Micro processor controled
  • Line interactive UPS
  • USB comunication and monitoring software
  • LCD displays actual voltage in-put and out-put
  • User Selectable parameter though LCD
  • 8 outlets nema5-15
  • Hot-Swapp battery
  • Cold Start
  • Alarm silence
  • Audible and visial alarms
  • replace battery indicator
  • Ground fault indicator
  • Single Buck double boost technology
  • Wide Input voltage range
  • 6 foot power cord
  • DSL and modem protection
  • Coax surge suppression
  • 1800 joules of energy suppression
  • Surge protection on all inputs
  • Convinient top access out put nema 5-15 outlets
  • Input breaker protection
  • 4 back up outlets and 4 surge only outlets
  • AVR funtion indicator
  • On battery indicator
  • AC normal indicator
  • Low battery warning indicator
  • 2 min audible and visual indicator
  • load sensing technology
  • Green mode selector switch




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